Is DIRECTV Internet service a good choice for a dorm?


While some schools offer free Wi-Fi to their students in their dorms, many don’t. They often don’t offer the service because there are enough local service providers, such as DIRECTV, who have agreed to offer discounts to everyone associated with the college or university to make it unnecessary. The real question, given that most of the required service contracts are 24 months long and require installation of an antenna for certain types of service, is whether or not you should get DIRECTV Internet while you are still in a dorm. You also need to look at what they offer and whether it will meet your needs as an active student. A good place to start is by reading the latest review of the service at Did you know, that most people only use their Internet to send email and due social networking, bandwidth demands for students creating online projects and doing research can be heavy. So you want to make sure there is a plan you can afford before you make a commitment.

One of the best things about a contract with DIRECTV

When was comparing the different cable, DSL and Satellite Internet providers with an eye towards the needs and budget of a student, DIRECTV came out ahead in just about every category. Not only do they offer affordable monthly plans, but it is easy to transfer your service from one address to another. This way if you change dorms or even start to live off campus – switching your service won’t be hard and in most cases, you won’t even have to pay an additional installation or transfer fee. What truly excited the reviewers, however, was the data allowance and speeds that DIRECTV Internet was able to deliver.

What speeds are possible and what is my allowance?

With DIRECTV as your Internet provider you can access speeds that rival some of the fastest hardwired connections. The plans are priced according to access speed, not download limit. The data allowance only come into play in regions where fair access rules apply. This is generally found in rural areas where satellite Internet is the only choice other than dial-up. With DIRECTV you will have enough speed to stream a movie, or upload an entire thesis or project presentation quickly. You also can rely on their service to be reliable and to protect the security of your data – even via satellite connection.

DIRECTV and HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet satellite internetOne of the partners that DIRECTV has a contract with that should cause you to sit up and pay attention is HughesNet. HughesNet is a satellite Internet provider, but they are also the developers of the Gen4 security access data transfer protocol. Gen4 is used not only on all the accounts directly registered with Hughesnet, but they are also used with all DIRECTV satellite accounts that are using the HughesNet system for access.

So why choose DIRECTV if HughesNet is the one supplying the Internet connection?

While HughesNet may be the point of origin service provider in your area with the connections and the equipment to connect you to the service, DIRECTV may be the brand under which you have your account. If you were to try to get an account direct with the partner network, you may find that they don’t offer them in that area. That is because DIRECTV is large enough to absorb the cost of offering service and managing accounts, while the partner may be providing the service. This gives you the best of both worlds at a good price.